wow, 10 degrees outside, on november 22nd. i really wouldn’t be bothered too much if it stayed like this.

got some pics up from the national gbob.

while I was at battle of the bands I got an email from (supposedly) a
major UK lottery organization, telling me I was a part winner of like a
couple million pounds. since I did enter a bunch of stuff that I
couldn’tve been bothered to track when I was in ol’ bloody bangers ‘n
mash town, it looked like it could be legit. unfortunately, I did a bit
of surfing and found it to be another phishing scam. drat, I coulda
used 100,000 pounds..really.

speaking of, with christmas season coming up, all I can think of is
spending on myself. yes, bah humbug. ok ok, I’ve got jellybean’s
present(s?) covered off and that will be cool to enjoy that giving.

but more about ME! the
drumset…me WANTIE! I went in to Long &
McQuade today to discuss pricing with the drum dude, but it was his day
off. Agh. Now I will have to wait until Thursday at lunch.

add to that list 1 black 4GB iPod nano (i’m currently bidding on one on eBay..cross yer fingers
for me) I can practice along to – and of course I need some really good
stereo isolation headphones to cut out my ruckus so I can hear what I’m
playing without turning up the music until I go deaf.

oh oh oh! I also never did finish my computer build – I’m lacking the
final piece – one of the new soundblaster x-fi soundcards. ok, well
microsoft released a new cool keybard that I wouldn’t mind having
either.  and damnit, I have no occasionals in my apartment..even
with the cool sofa and loveseat it’s kinda lame.

but, being realistic and somewhat less selfish, I don’t have 5 grand
sitting around I can just throw at these very deserving gadgets, so I
will slowly aquire them as I go. bah. i wish I wasn’t in so much debt.
sometimes I wish I had not gone to europe and still had that huge pile
of cash in the bank before I left. but oh well – money comes and money
goes. it’s the memories that matter. right? *crooked grin*

speaking of drum practice, a new kit should provide more incentive
to practice on my own. (much to the chagrin of the nekkrekker family 4,
probably would like quiet at some time in the day). I really have come
to enjoy practice with a full band and have difficulty going it alone..
so I’ve picked out a
few songs I’ve had troubles with for my practice list:

  • Jackyl – When will it rain. Warmup song..just to lube the joints,etc. This song is painfully easy 4/4.
  • Soil – Remember Me. I always really had to concentrate HARD to
    play this when it was still on our roster, and I never did get to the
    point where I could play the verse right. I like drumming when it flows
    and I feel it, rather than think it.
  • Fear Factory – Archetype. Again, if I don’t think this one
    through, I find myself throwing in quadruples where there’s supposed to
    be triplets. This song is great for triplet practice.
  • Lamb of God – Laid to Rest. It’s a song on our setlist, maybe.
    I’m not sure if Mark can play this 3 fingered. In any case, it’s good
    practice for odd patterned and off timed double bass as well as even
    smooth double bass drumming, and the fills are killer – I’ve yet to
    play this song properly.
  • Lamb of God – 11th hour. Mostly a practice in forearm endurance. Some interesting thinking man’s double bass.
  • Strapping Young Lad – Love? Good endurance/fast double bass song.
  • As I Lay Dying – Confined. This song is wicked fast and almost reads like a
    intermediate drummer’s practicebook. From a blast beat to a steady
    beat, to a mixed double/triplet, to a galloping beat and back.
  • Devin Townsend Band – Earth Day. Trying to think and play through
    this one – I usually end up with my legs wrapped around my head looking
    confused within 3 minutes. The slower tempo is deceiving..
  • Mudvayne – Happy?
    Whoa. Matt has outdone himself with this wierd time signature
    approach..not only that, but he’s got repeated structures as well and
    damn near every fill is different. I get this one right and someone
    better give me a hero cookie.
  • Flybanger – Evelyn. This
    one has a crazy kind of swing feel to it, which is wierd for a metal
    band. It’s good to practice different styles and never know
    when a song will require a rhumba beat.. =p

I had a bunch more, but now I can’t remember them. Fuck!

Oh yeah, Corrupt System got asked by Tommy
to open for them at the Roxy (saskatoon) on January 12th. Tommy has
been around a hell of a long time, so this could be a good door opener
for us. See, a little exposure and some connections is all it takes.

Ok, I’ve probably slacked long enough.. back at whatever it was I was doing