first, housekeeping.

i’m seeing a few search hits that are probably related to people
interested in the band from having been at gbob in edmonton. go visit for contact information and more on corrupt system.

nope, we didn’t win and we’re not going to London. BUT – the show was a great promotional tool for the band and we got a lot of
great feedback (getting compliments on my footwork is always welcome,
hehe) – and we earned some new fans. I think I’d like to get back to
writing and really pushing getting a full album out. now that a few
influential people have heard us as well, I’m sure gigs will be

how did it go down? after a bit of organizational snafu, we got drawn
to perform third.. other than the fact that the drumset was trying
desperately to avoid being hit (the bassdrum was moving
forward at a rapid pace, my right bass pedal was shifting sideways, and
the left cymbal stand kept sliding farther away.) – it went well.

it was comical AFTER
the show to recount how I was alternatively hitting the cymbal, playing
through the song, and trying to pull the stand back toward me all at
the same time. I wasn’t completely satisfied with my performance or the drumset, but
after watching some video I’m a little more at ease.

new drumkit. I need one. i’m going to be taking pictures of mine this
week and checking out what trade-in value I can get on something new.

man, it was a hell of a weekend! gotta get laundry done so I can be ready for the workweek.. blah?