someone come do my programming for me today, please?

it’s not as if I’m going to be productive. you know why. (ps: thanks again pudc!)

so heppcat and nessie managed to get the day wrong, and didn’t have
arrangements for a sitter, plus they’re buying a house, so they won’t
make it to edmonton. morlan and gnomie are leaving after work and may
miss our show depending on when in the lineup we play – and how fast
they can drive =p. my brother and sister in law are the only sensible
ones and are leaving today and spending the day sitting around edmonton
just waiting for us to arrive. ok, they’ll probably do some pst free
shopping, too.

haha..i just heard a funny thing..speculation from a non-technical
person that perhaps a student may be launching a denial of service
attack in our division. yeah, as if they’d slow their own access to
porn and downloads.

back to the topic at hand. so in total, we’ll have had 3 practices with
kris including the one tonight.. monday night’s practice turned out
really well. the first half was kind of scary, everyone was a little
bit out of sync, and kris seemed to struggle a little bit. we went for
a quick smoke break (shup, I was stressed)..and came back to practice
another hour .. and suddenly the band started getting tighter and
tighter.. it was quite relieving.

i hope tonight goes well and everyone can leave relaxed and
laughing..dan is already away – in calgary getting tanked
supposedly..he just better show up with his head on straight friday
afternoon 🙂

oh, yeah. how’s friday look? well – we’re meeting up at nekrekker’s at
a quarter to nine and departing shortly thereafter. after a break for
lunch in lloydminster (or stinkminster, as I like to call it due to the
oil refinery and canola processing plant) we’ll be off and running, to
arrive in smellmonton, er, edmonton by around 2pm local time. i want
some relax time after we get checked in, so I think we’re going to meet
up with my brother and try to catch a quick sauna and dip in the pool.
kram is going to gross out and alternatively chase children around the
pool with his ungodly dismembered finger while we do that :).. then we
meet up with dan, and i guess go to red’s early and twitch nervously.
or something.