*listening to recording sessions, making notes of all time best fills and drum patterns in our songs*

best quote to sum up what I feel and do, and really, really strangely
coincidentally worded. (perhaps there’s a change in the matrix coming)

"The Creator wants us to drum. He
wants us to corrupt the world with drum, dance and chants. After all,
we have already corrupted the world with power and greed….which
hasn’t gotten us anywhere – now’s the time to corrupt the world with
drum, dance and chants."

Babatunde Olatunji

just a random find, too.notice the excessive use of the word corrupt?

I told people I was a drummer before I even had a set, I was a mental drummer.
Keith Moon

To be a drummer you need to be an alcoholic, a complete animal and just enjoy hitting things, and I’m a pacifist.
Dan Hawkins

update: I went to Long & McQuade today and they had a great
looking Pearl Export EX drumkit there – in a piano black finish, a
3tomtom 2 floor tom double bass kit with a buttload of hardware
included..and it sold for only $1700..hmm..what does Peter want to give
himself for christmas?