loads of my peeps coming out to edmonton to see us play! so far molran
and gnome, nessie and heppcat, and millertime and panda are coming out
for the show – and most of them are staying in the soon to be corrupted
hotel with us! way cool. we’re going to have a serious party!

panda will be bringing her video camera, so hopefully I will have some
converted video of our performance I can put up to show all of you.
that is, if all my drumming is on. You don’t get to see until I

i rate our chances at actually winning the nationals as slim to nil.
given kram decided to perform exploratory surgery of his index finger
on his fretting hand for shits and giggles and that we’re now playing
with someone we’re going to have had max 3 practices with, we just
can’t be as tight. as well, one of the songs we’ll be playing (i feel)
requires some re-arrangement and other changes before it’ll be as
strong. considering our situation though, it’s best not to mess around
with things. just get up there and put your best foot forward musically
and showmanship wise.

in any case, I’m going to have fun as my primary objective. it’s
been a while since I’ve been on a road trip, and the fact that half my
friends are going too – on a long weekend-  makes it even sweeter.

this will also be jellybean’s first meeting of any of my family.. when
you look at the arrangement of my monkey-swinging family tree, my
brother is probably the best place to start in terms of family to meet.
he’s quite laid back and has the social butterfly gift I have to really
work at.

Jelly has said however, that she’s extremely good when it comes to
mingling with parental units, too..so I guess I need not worry about
those either when the time comes.  I guess it’s a niggling itchy
worry thing. In some aspects, my parents have aged very gracefully, in
other aspects, I liken them to the old farts in rockers on the
front porch waving loaded shotguns and shouting death
threats/obscenities at whoever dare near their proximity..

ahh..I can’t wait for Friday. i hope this week goes by quickly.