bleh. so I went in to 7-11 this morning to get a gigantic can of jolt,
as is my habit these busy days before I get into work. went to the atm
machine to grab some cash, put in my card, and none of the buttons
responded. it was like the atm froze. i didn’t know atms could do that!
I disactivated my card as soon as I got to work. so now my lunch hour
will be spent over at cibc getting a new card.bleh.

titsup sent pictures of kram’s finger out the bandages yesterdat. it’s safe to say:

   1. he definately won’t be playing guitar for a while
   2. pictures of half-there fingers have an ill effect on my sensitive stomach. GROSS!

work is still going nuts. i keep coding new features and watching these
ASP pages grow and grow. even though they’re compiled thanks to Visual
Studio.NET’s nifty architecture and I’ve done some caching code – this
thing is going to get clunkier and clunkier. this is the same as
everything else I’ve ever developed. it does the thing it’s supposed to
do well, and then people want more and more crap on it, and additional
exceptions to all the business rules here there and everywhere make it
less stable, and much more difficult to fix when something messes up.
I’m knee deep right now. KNEE DEEP!