got piccys of the new furniture up. it’s really wierd to walk into my
living room now and not see a huge chasm of void staring me in the
face. now all I need to complete my place is some end tables, coffee
tables, bedside tables, multiplication tables, and tables of contents,
and I’ll be humming. I don’t really have the cash for those now,
though..but when I do, I’m going to take jellybean shopping with me.
she has told me she has a grand master feng shui vision for my place
and it needs to be fulfilled. i’m damn glad she’s along for the
ride..who knows what the mack daddy of bachlorhood would do if left up
to his own devices!

and in GREAT news, corrupt system has managed to finagle kris klyne
(formally of morally sound) into doing the lead guitar work for us for
the duration of battle of the bands. we had our first practice with him
today and I could almost hear the collective sigh of relief from
nekrekker, titsup, and I. kris has a lot of experience and ability
playing so I think we’ll do fine. he’ll never be able to top kram, but
at least we won’t sound or look like ass.

our band decision was to simply involve kris for the battle and
then move on as a 3 piece..and bring kram back into the fold when he’s
healthy and ready to rip with his super bionic finger of pain.

I am now excited again for november 18th..kris was talking a bit
about red’s and the stage setup (we’ll be playing at red’s in west
edmonton mall) sounds like we’re going to have a bitchin’ time
playing..and you KNOW it’s going to be time for some corrupt fun
afterwards..I’m going to relish that weekend..loud music and drunken
debauchery abound!