strange things happen at the strangest times.

so, let’s recap. Corrupt System entered the battle of the bands, and
won the regional battle in saskatoon, and we’re headed to the nationals
in edmonton. a placement in the top 3 in Edmonton would give us an all expenses
paid trip to london england to compete in the world finals and a chance to win the big
$100,000 cash prize. we get back after our regional win and work at
writing, brushing up, tightening up. it looks as though if we really
put our noses to the grindstone we might make it to london.

guess what happens, night before last?

our lead guitarist accidentally performs surgery on his index finger
with an exacto knife (on his fretting hand!), cutting half the end of
the finger off.
he was working on his guitar at the time. (how ironic)

he has been told by doctors it’ll be four months before he can even
touch anything and apply pressure on that finger without pain. he’s
also been told not to play guitar for a year. A YEAR!

so, we’re left with a couple alternatives. at an emergency band meeting
last night all of us have agreed Corrupt System has to go to edmonton
to compete in the nationals regardless. we are trying to get a
replacement for the show (from nekrekker’s former band) just to pick up
the songs so we can keep going. our other alternative (and this is
partially underway) continue as a 3 piece
meal with no gravy and rewrite the songs..

the band’s feeling..ok, well for sure MY feeling – is that while we
have a stand-in for a while, we’re going to invite mark back into the
fold when he’s ready. he and I started the ball rolling in february
2005..with the hope of creating a metal band that can be heavy -yet
melodic, write songs that
have deep meaning – yet passion..and we DID build our band and our
to date around that ideal. it’s not going to be the same without him at
practices and shows.

i hope your road to recovery is quick and relatively painless buddy. I
bet this is real painful for you..but you’re right to laugh it
off..there’s no use in you or any of us being angry or depressed
because that won’t help. no
one can understand why these things happen..but I’m reminded there’s a
reason for all of it, and that it will all work out for the best when
we look back at the big picture.

and fuck, you get to be tony iommi, man. how cool is that? I kidded him
we can get him different prosthetic fingertips.maybe one with a disco
ball rotating light, another with a built in eBow function.

the show will go on. it must.