man, I don’t stop going from the time I get up at 5:15am until I go to bed at 11..these days have just been packed.

our first practice back after the battle of the bands show is tonight.
also, according to the email we received, it looks as though it may be
the case that the best from each region goes to london all expenses
paid? WTF? a 1 in 4 chance sounds pretty sweet! I’ve been checking and I haven’t heard anything from the edmonton or toronto
finalists that makes me think we should just stay at home and get

i want to be thinking from the vantage point that we’ve got this all
wrapped up neatly in a little package, but realistically, there’s a
tremendous amount of time that needs to be put into this. we’ve got a
reasonable chance if we can be tight like a toiger, be entertaining,
make sure any of the gaping holes in the songs is filled. I’ve been
listening to riffs the last few days until my ears bled to see if
there’s something new we can come up with short term to really wow

ok, now I’m excited, I’ll admit it. but I gotta work. *headphones back on*