yeah, so battle of bands went well. we are one of the bands from
saskatoon who will be going to nationals in edmonton on november 18th.
it was a RUSH to be playing on stage again. I gotta tell you, 30
minutes before the show I was worrying about everything.."will I get
the kit back together and setup well enough I can play on it?", "will I
be able to keep consistent time with all this adrenaline going?", "how
do these fucking songs go that we’re supposed to be playing tonight?"

but it was great. great gear makes it that much better..i forgot how
good a mic’d kit sounds..boomy as fuck and the snare crack rips at your

lots of work going into nationals.. much tougher competition..and we
need to nipple, er, band tighten. plus, I think one of our songs should
be dumped in favour of a brand new creation or something from the past
that gets a facelift.

finally, my furniture is in saskatoon. I’m hoping to setup delivery for saturday.

for tonight, I’m working out with the good ol’ boys and getting old fashioned messed up!

off I go, then.