hola. nothing really exciting, I promise. friday’s VOIP installation at
work went fairly well, longer than expected, but nothing we couldn’t
handle. I still don’t have MY phone hooked up, and I have yet to hear
what kinda problems our department will be facing – but it shouldn’t be
too major.

jellybean and I went out tonight to accomplish the mission of eating
mountains of pasta..I ordered fettucine carbonara and was suprised, no
– disgusted, to find that my pasta had a nice crunchy texture to it.
FUCK. learn how to crack eggs, willya?

and that irks me, bigtime. see, when I was in highschool and taking my
first home-economics class, we learned to make eggs. lemme tellya, I
was sold on eggs. and as some people may already know, once I find a
food I like, I really go to town on it. lipton noodles and sauce,
breaded chicken strips, and now – chicken stirfry.. anyways, me and my
new buddy eggs got together for lunch, breakfast, supper. I made them
30 different ways with different shit, and me and eggs got along fine.

until one day. i think i was finally beginning to tire of eggs at this
point, and on this particular day I was tired, rushed, and not paying
attention. I think I left damn near a whole egg shell in with my eggs
when I scrambled them. I could NOT eat anything egg for damn near 5
years after that horrible meal. so this carbonara tonight really made
me relive that moment.

i just got to thinking today as I drained the last of my mountain dew
pitch black – i’m a bit of a new product whore, especially when it
comes to fancy packaging or retreads of stuff that I already like. here
are just some of the things I’ve tried with my humble and honest rating.

  • mountain dew pitch black. Good GOD! This stuff is the SHIT. great grape taste, same mountain dew extreme sugar content. but why no caffeine?
  • reeses peanut butter cups white chocolate. NO NO NO. NO! you dun gone wrecked my favorite chocolate treat!
  • rockstar energy drink. it
    tastes like absolute crap. but it has so much caffeine! there’s a
    warning label on it that you shouldn’t drink any more than one can a
    day. great if you need to do anything vigorous, though
  • reeses peanut butter cups extra smooth and creamy limited edition. why must all the good things be limited? GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! why can’t they make a protein shake in this orgasmic flavour?
  • dasani raspberry flavoured water.
    I didn’t like dasani for the longest time after I read their water was basically
    reverse osmosis tapwater from the coke facilities. after I came to the
    realization most bottled water companies probably do this, I tried and
    liked this flavour addition to the old retread. I’ve always liked lightly flavoured waters. remember
    clearly canadian? where’d they go?
  • coffee crisp maple. Now
    this was a nice suprise. The maple flavour is just subtle enough to do
    it up proper. I’ve tried plenty of the ‘other’ coffee crisps and they all were too strong in flavour, and kind of
    messed with that original formula, but maple was a great spin on this
    great chocolate bar.
  • kitkat caramel. Mmmmmmmmm. Break me off a piece of THAT kitkat bar! Caramel gooing around in my mouth is just about all I need to be happy.
  • canadian beaver buzz energy drink. yeah, ok. it was just because of the name of the drink. tastes like all the other energy drinks. (crap)

I know there’s more. God knows I’ve tried every new reeses peanut
butter cup they’ve come out with. what have you tried lately from your
local 7-11 that made you drool all over yourself?