corrupt system is entered in the global battle of the bands contest. ( 
we’ll be playing a couple of our originals (8 minutes worth) . it’s
kind of a nice tradeoff for the whole not going into the studio thing.
at the same time, it’s at a bad time (Oct 27th)..which is a thursday.
the problem with that is audience has a 20% say in which band goes on
from saskatoon..and though I’d like to have my friends from out of town
come out, it’s hard for them to justify two hours driving to see us
play for 8 minutes on a I think we may have a limited least from my ‘people’.

speaking of corrupt system, we’ve got a new bassist..he kicks total
dink. he picks up stuff lightning quick, has loads of experience
writing and playing, and has monster gear. some good chips falling into
place for us.

i now have three huge cabs filled with speakers blasting face
blistering metal in my direction at’s a wonder my face
hasn’t peeled off and flown backwards yet. there is so much sound
flying in nekrekker’s basement on jam nights it crushes everyone’s

@ work – the school division is transitioning to voice over IP..(using
your data networks for phone service instead of the old analog centrex way of
doing things)  I was trained on how to use a phone on tuesday,
LOL! as a programmer, how often am I going to use call forwarding ,
transfer, or any of that shit? it was interesting to learn how many
features these new handsets have, though.

on wednesday our IS department worked together in a massive effort to
unbox, program, and then test and deliver 180 phones. on friday I lead
a 4 person team to handle the installation, and a 20 step test, of 90 of
those phones – plus removal of the old analog phones. not to mention all while trying
to coordinate with the telco, who is removing the old numbers and
reassigning them to the new phones.

want to see angry? imagine superintendents and secretaries on monday
morning if we can’t get their phones working. ALMOST as cranky as when
they can’t send and receive email. it’s no wonder IT staff walk around
wide-eyed with nervous twitches. (and this is just for head office. in
the coming year we will have to roll out new phones to 54
schools. GAH.)

that’s it. I have a hot date with a beautiful redheaded girl for lunch
and have to run. (we’re going to the food court, haha, fancy schmancy!)