well, some more information on my furniture. i called a week ago and
was told the fabric I chose for the upholstry was backordered as it’s a
popular item . so my sofa and loveseat sat completely naked while it
waited for it’s sexy coverings. but in any case, it sounds like it
should be delivered next week. let me be the first to say FINALLY. ok,
now you can say it.

i’m a little disappointed to say corrupt system’s studio time on oct
22nd has been cancelled. nekrekker raised a few good points about why
we shouldn’t go in, and he wasn’t comfortable with where we are. just gotta have some patience, I guess.

on the happy news side, i’m really relishing spending time with
jellybean. any little outing with her is an adventure, and I’m always
looking forward to the next one the minute I get home. we do lots of
neat things together. tommorow night we’re getting
dressed to the nines and going to dinner theatre, it’s going to
be a blast! there’s a lot of
spontaneity and exuberance surrounding us, and it
gives me a little extra energy to give a little more in everything I
do. she appreciates and encourages the parts of me that I’ve had to
thrash away at for the longest time on my own, and it feels

i just got back from getting my hairs cut. i don’t think i like what
they did with it. maybe it’s just the fact that I have to grossly
overpay what I usually pay at home for the same thing. like, 3x. i
think that’s a little ridiculous.

i wish my dishwasher was a little more airtight. i try not to run it
until it’s full..but even the little food particles left on dishes
(yes, I rinse, don’t be daft) get to stinking. the smell just seeps out
like a sneaky fart, and unfortunately, my dishwasher is right next to
my entrance, which is ever so welcoming to visitors. "So, this is your
new place? What fucking died in here?"

oh boy..i’m tired tired tired..extra curricular activities in the evenings wear me out
so i’m going to sleep early tonight!