funny. you can write serious deep blog entries and receive a few tiny comments. and then you write an entry about farting and people are jumping all over themselves to double and triple comment. i guess people just like to talk about farts. as an update to that particular entry, I want to share a little of the zaniness that I experience with jellybean.
on friday, I made that big step in our relationship. I audibly expelled intestinal gas from my anus in her vicinity. we were sitting down at her kitchen table to eat supper, and I had a lot of buildup that didn’t get worked out during the day. Here’s the conversation as best as I can remember.
Me:  *making strange constipated face* "Oooh, I really have to fart."
Jellybean:  "Oh really? I have a pants splitter ready to go, too. You fart first and then I’ll go."
Me:  "Really? Ok." *lifting a cheek and ripping an awful wet tugboat horn sounding fart*
Jellybean:  *laughing*
Me:  "Ok, now where’s yours?"
Jellybean:  "Oh, mine was completely silent, but I did fart, honest."
yeah. it was funny! and while I’m on the topic of jellybean – she’s carved out her own little spot in the spaces world. go visit, AND SAY HI. you know how much everyone loves comments!
so saturday night I got completely PLOWED. *making plow motion with hands* Touché! I did a bunch of really awful shots at my small town pub and had a wicked time. My sister in law tried to teach me to two-step but I don’t think the force was with me. Everyone seems to think that because I play drums that I have some sort of voodoo sorcery powers with everything else involving rhythm. The skills aren’t necessarily transferable from one activity to the other, I’ll have you know. But I’d really like to learn, though, it looks like a lot of fun to dance properly. On the other hand, my standard bent knee dance and super speed polka moves may be all I need to get through the requisite social situations. Probably not, though.
turkey day was’s been SO lazy it’s not funny. I’ve alternated between watching movies, catnapping, and eating all day. delicious. every weekend should be a long weekend.
i’m getting itchy to travel again. I wanna do a 2 week all inclusive to the carribean or somewhere warm sometime around feburary. And this time I just want to relax, drink something fruity in a huge glass with a mini-umbrella in it, and take in the scenery… who wants to come with?