i think it’s sufficient to say a lot of people don’t like their jobs, especially in my circle of peers, friends, etc.

groovyjeepdiva doesn’t like her job, my girlfriend doesn’t like her
job, bender doesn’t like his job, I don’t like my job, and on and on and

talking with my boss just now, I realized how passionate he is about
his job. he was on a rant about Education related details, and was at a
shoulder shrugging point over how some stupid things just don’t seem to
change at a tolerable pace. I remarked that at least in a few years
he’ll be able to retire and he won’t have to deal with it all after
that – and he replied that things were too busy and exciting and he
can’t retire. I was like, wow, what the fuck, a person who obviously
enjoys his work!

now I realize not everyone is job-dissatisfied, surely there’d be a lot
more bad things going on in the world if that were the case. somedays I
enjoy my job, but for the most part, I feel like a really insignificant
cog, and the bottom line is that I don’t really see an end result in
people that makes me feel like the work I do is meaningful. i end up
doing a lot of work just out of the need not to get fired, and to
please my boss, who is probably one of most encouraging insightful
people I’ve worked under. I feel afraid to let him down.. and I don’t
think either of those should be my primary motivations.

on one hand, I’d like to think that if the band takes off, I can quit
and be a ROCKSTAR! and life will be grand, nothing but sleeping on
stacks of money in a drunken stupor all year long. but realistically,
touring, recording, practicing..it’s all repetitive, and I have no
illusions that it’s not going to be a grind at times.

there are a bunch of questions I guess I’m struggling with, and I think the answers might be different for every person.

  • what is it that makes a job enjoyable?
  • how do you find that job?
  • how can you make it job satisfaction lasting when you do mostly repetitive tasks?
  • what drives my efforts at work now?
  • what strategies can I use to self-motivate duing difficult times at work?
  • why didn’t I continue on the path to be whatever I wanted to be
    when I was an idealistic child? what’s changed my perception about
    those jobs?

I just don’t know.