cool, a song on nickelback’s new cd – "Side of a Bullet" – has Dimebag
Darrell’s guitar handiwork on it. (R.I.P Dime).. , but not only that –
it’s dedicated to Dime – the lyrics talk about his murder and how the
bastard that killed him took something great from the world.

  • molran and I had fun playing pool and downing whiskeys. good times.
  • the jams went well.. i’m itchin’ to pound some stuff out in the
    studio! we’re going to be toight like toigers! it’ll be good to start
    thinking shows, too. (ladies and gentlemen, for your  entertainment …snugglebear on the drums..!)

ooh, and I have a story about one
of the most innapropriate things I’ve ever said in the office to a
female coworker, and it was completely by accident. myself a couple
other fellows go out at least once a week for lunch, and we usually try
to get the office secretary to come along. this particular day we were
headed to fuddrucker’s for 1-pound burgers and the secretary was
swamped and was hemming and hawing about  coming along for lunch.
in my cajoling of her, I accidently said

"C’mon Lisa, it’s time to stuff some meat into your gap"

– instead of

"C’mon Lisa, it’s time to stuff some beef in your yap".

What a difference two words make!

Also – I’ve got a little joke for ya.

Q: What’s the difference between a cucumber and a school bus?
A: On a cucumber, all the little pricks are on the outside.

have a funny day.