• two jams this weekend – saturday and sunday. i hope I feel well enough to play blast beats for long periods of time.
  • nurse jellybean mentioned she’d
    like to come and hear us practice this weekend. no eardrums or sanity
    left for her after that, ah guarantee. i should also mention she visits
    my blog, but she feels too shy to comment. maybe because you’re all fiercely intimidating fuckers! or maybe you smell funny. either way, shame on you!

  • molran is coming out to stay at my furnitureless apartment
    saturday night and mosh pit like the boys usually do. i hope he likes
    sleeping on the all-comforter futon i’ve developed.

  • remember how i said this pdf generation thing I’m programming
    would come in around 600 lines of code? that was silly of me to say.
    it’s over 1000 lines now and still growing. it’s a good thing microsoft
    products have been stable as always over the development period though
    – it’s made this project an absolute joy *eyeroll*

  • i wish i had more statistical graphs based on pirates and their activities. yarr, that’d be fine booty to plunder.
  • i like chicken. (some of you have been made keenly aware of this)
  • i dislike condiments.