so, the semi-truck of influenza that hit me thursday morning seems to
be letting up a bit. which is good, because I have a pile of things to
do..I want to get back into the gym again. i even feel guilty for
having missed work..but I guess I’ll have to find a way to catch up.

in music news: it seems breach of trust‘s
website has been down for a while now..which is a sad indicator of
things to come for the band. a little backhistory.. breach started in
the late 90’s, a hard rock band from La Ronge, Saskatchewan. eventually they
built up a strong enough fan base with their music and smart promotion,
and were getting offered record deals in 2001. being proud canadians,
they held off on biting at the american label’s offerings and waited
until emi canada offered them a deal, and signed on the dotted line.

things seemed to be looking up – even with the departure of longtime
members –  bassist
and lead guitarist, the band recorded and released their self-titled
followup in 2003 to their self-backed "Songs for Dying Nations".. and
produced several music videos which received light rotation on
MuchMusic. but somewhere in the mix, things fell apart. the shows after
the release were
far and few between, and catered to small audiences. there was no real
album release tour.

the buzz on the forums as of late was that breach was backing out of
their contract with emi. having to promote yourself, market yourself,
and book venues for shows – when you’ve got a big name label and manager behind you
who’s supposed to be doing that for you must have been incredibly

it’s frustrating for me, as well. there are so precious few canadian
artists that make it, and I’m not quite sure of their quality or uniqueness. it all
seems to be about promoting radio friendly artists with mass appeal
these days, and that really kills so many artist’s chances. but what
really bugs me (based on the times I’ve talked with Marty et al from
the band) – those guys do what they do because of the love of the
music, they haven’t made it into a lowest common-denominator cutthroat
business. they’re happy as long as they make the music they’d want to
hear, and they’re not getting a fair shake.

as for me, I know this is something lurking out there just beyond
corrupt system’s reach (as of yet). I would personally be fulfilled if
the band is able to make music that I can’t stop listening to! Monetary
rewards would be nice, reaching people who can relate to what we create
would be good..but first and foremost, it’s got to be the music. if the
band can be happy and excited about the music we build, I’d hope we’d
at least get a chance to spread that.

so..a thanks to breach for inspiring. i hope you’re able to rise out of
the ashes and put some more music out there. maybe one day my band and
yours will share a stage.