man oh man am I sick. sick sick sick. i slept all yesterday
and it looks like today will have the same schedule. i haven’t been sick since
i was in Scotland
in oct ’ I guess it’s been a long time coming. last night nurse jellybean
made a house call with orange juice, hugs, and kisses, and that helped immensely

10Q J, you’re the bee’s knees!

got off track, sorry. without further ado, the entry..(if I don’t fall asleep
during typing it)

just a ghost story

I’ve always been interested in the supernatural, and especially the stories
behind hauntings. Half of my Europe trip was planned so that I could attend
every haunted castle in Ireland
and the UK
– but I didn’t quite make it to all of them, hehe. Here are just a few things
I’ve experienced and stories I’ve heard family members tell.

my first small experience was in grade school, when I still shared a room with
my brother. he had a shelf above his bed, and I can remember many a night when
the trophies and hockey pucks on that shelf would get thrown – not just bumped
– these objects would clear my brother’s twin and hit the floor in between our two
beds. my parent’s house is relatively new though, so I’m sure there’s some
logical explanation. or not. ooo0000ooooo.

my second experience came much later at my friend bender’s house in rural Saskatchewan. he claimed
the house had a ghost radio – at night a radio talk show would come on..only
problem is, there’s no radio in bender’s house. I remember being woken one
night to hear the ruckus and going upstairs to the bathroom and hearing the
ghost radio coming from somewhere inside the house. creepy.

my next experience was probably the most realistic of them all. I was living in
a basement suite in Saskatoon
at the time. I remember sitting on the couch playing guitar and looking up to
see a short, long haired brunette old lady standing in the hallway to my
bathroom watching me. for whatever reason, that odd sight didn’t click in my
head, and I looked down at my guitar to check my fingering. then all the
sudden, my brain’s like "fuck, what was THAT?". i looked up again and
there was no one there.  Another time I was at the sink washing dishes and
could feel someone standing directly behind, yanno when you can tell a
person’s general size when they’re in your personal space? yeah..i could feel
someone short standing behind me. after experiencing a few more things like
this – I asked my landlady what the history of tenants was. she told me two
renters prior – there had been a widowed old lady friend of hers living there,
and she had died in the basement suite. I asked her to describe the lady – and sure
as shit..she described her friend as being a short woman with long brown hair.

my most recent experience was having gone to the haunted vaults underneath Edinburgh, Scotland.
There’s so much crazy history of stuff happening in those vaults. In fact, I
had been in the tourist center reading about how one girl went through with
her two buds, and thought as she was walking through one of the underground
vaults she was holding her friend’s hands. It turns out, noone was holding her
hands. She had deep red gouges in the shape of fingers across the backs of her
hands the next day. I went in with two American girls who were quite creeped
out and latched on to me..i had to check many times to make sure it was the
girls gripping my arms tighter, and not something else. the first vault we
visited on our tour supposedly has a demon imprisoned in a stone circle. in that vault I
got cold flashes and felt dizzy, and felt generally as if something in that
vault did NOT want us to be in there. our group didn’t experience anybody being
thrown or pushed, as other groups have, but you could definately feel that
something else was in there with you.

my father also had some strange experiences. he was a principal at margaret
mcClumb school for a while.. the school is named after a teacher who died at
her desk grading papers late at night in the old wing in the school. there
wasn’t a single staff member in that school that would go into the old wing of
the school after dark.  apparently you can still find margaret at her desk
grading papers some nights.

and a little on the other side of the hauntings and the supernatural – my mom
offered up her experiences as a nurse in Saskatchewan.
she said she spent many nights with the elderly whose time had come, and she
had actually enjoyed those times. she said she has never felt such an inner
peace as when she was with these people..and it got to a point where she could
tell exactly when the senior would breath their last. she said even those
who were mentally afflicted would achieve an inner calm, and smile, as their time came.

so, that’s my little list. I love hearing these types of if you
have any to share, please do.