the boogeyman’s gonna get you

while sitting by myself in a completely typical pink frilly girl’s room reading
‘teen magazine’ – listening to the throes of my 7th grade class as they
cooed and cheered, it struck me that something might be a little off
with me. (again)

ah, 7th grade birthday parties. the quickly maturing girls and boys,
the awkwardness of ‘relationships’ and ‘crushes’. it was amy’s birthday
party..and after a somewhat uncomfortable game of spin the bottle, we
headed inside to watch movies. first up was ‘Halloween 4 – The Return of Michael Myers
– in which
the maniacal masked killer Michael Myers returns to
genericsmalltownville to hack apart all his bloodline. I got a
half-hour into the movie and realized I really didn’t like it. I got
really freaked out, asked for a pause in the movie, and was ushered
upstairs to amy’s room to entertain myself until the movie was over.

i’m not sure what it is about horror movies – perhaps it’s the utter
ridiculousness of the situations. "Oh no, a killer is in the house with
us, let’s lock ourselves in, kill the power and phone, and leave all
the machetes and knives out for easy access
". Or maybe it’s the
suspense, and lack of control over when the ‘scary parts’
will happen? All I know, is that I don’t have the stomach for horror movies.

My first taste was, suprisingly, over at Kram’s when he still lived in
Cudworth – at the tender age of 7ish. While he was getting his mouth
washed out with soap for something he said or something dirty we
watched, it was suggested that I watch the movie in the VCR…which
just happened to be Friday the 13th Part One. I got as far as little Jason
Voorhees drowning, and I had to shut it off.

Like all things in my life that bug me though, I had to get over it to
move on. I lived with horror nuts in college, and, one day, the
opportunity presented itself. A movie marathon, with a particular
series running nonstop. Halloween.

Quite the frightening prospect, but I gave it a shot. Some 10+ hours
later, I had successfully sat through Halloween 1, 2, 4 (3 didn’t have
Myers in it), 5, and 6. At some point – around 4, I believe, I was able to
start laughing at the situations and murders. It was kind of
liberating. I’ve since made it a point to watch any of the sequels for Halloween as
they come out (H20, and Resurrection)..and even did a believable acting
job myself acting as Micheal Myers one Halloween.

They still bug the shit out of me, and will be the last choice when
going to rent or theatre. In fact, I was given a copy of Red Dragon by a friend
for my birthday 3
years ago, and still have yet to pull it from the shrinkwrap. But, like
getting blood drawn, I can do it if I have to. I just don’t want to.