oh lord.

i’m so jittery right now. for some reason the morning workout and usual can of diet coke have turned me into mr. shaky. 

@ work – the last block of programming code I have to write is going to
be tedious garbage..and the least fun of all in the project I am
working on..and I just don’t wanna start it yet. basically it will
involve writing a block of (i’m guessing) ~600+ lines of code to
dynamically create a filled in PDF.

@ jam – last night. visible crack appeared in hi-hat top. man do I need
an endorsement. i had a real groove going though, until I punched a
cymbal by accident and started bleeding on myself. from then on my left
hand was sore, my grip wasn’t as strong – and I kept losing sticks in
nekrekker’s direction at high velocity. it’s funny having him watch me
like a hawk with a frightened, pleading look in his eyes and still try
to play guitar and sing. hahaha, sorry bud. man, the things that go on
at jam. "broken window door. come innertube cum".

@ studio – I’ve established song-wide drumming patterns for three
songs, I just need to add fills and razzle-dazzle for them. a couple
I’ve done a bunch of different approaches on and still haven’t figured
out completely what I will be playing..my approach for refinement for
everything is that I go in and play a bunch of different ways for a
song, then nekrekker sends me a recording of the song, and I see what
parts I like and what I don’t like, then try different parts to fill in
the cracks at the next jam. it’s kind of a recursive iterative process.
a couple tunes I really have some creative freedom of movement and am
super excited to try a bunch of different approaches in the studio.

@ home – i received word that my furniture hit the top of the queue at
the factory, it’s now in the process of being made. i’ve held off on
purchasing lighting and ‘ocassionals’ at my place until I see how the
furniture looks and fits in. I’m thinking of having one of my female
friends over to help with how it goes together. or maybe I
can have three or more in at the same time and watch them fight it out for entertainment.
anyways, matching I can do, organization, layout, feng shui, whatever
you want to call it, is just not in my skillset.  the place, i
reluctantly admit, could use a woman’s touch. heck, I could use a
woman’s touch. touch meh baybeh!

@ gym – heppcat is trying to convince his wife nessie to come to the
gym and give it a whirl. like a lot of other people, she finds the gym
intimidating, what with all the pretentious people and mirrors. i know
I felt the same way when I started, but now I could give a fuck less if
people are looking at me or comparing. i gave it an honest effort when
I started though, and now it’s something I’m going to pursue for life.

you canadian people are always so afraid to get naked.