my muse came by my apartment, and tried to leave without me noticing.
but i’ve trapped her, and she coughed up some good ideas for entries. a
new series of entries I’ll dub ‘the secrets of peter’ shall possibly start
monday. it may not be sequential or daily, however – i have a deadline
for a project at work that will require extra dilligence on my part, to
make sure when I do my dog & pony show I’m not left without a job

why is it chicken thighs are so gross? maybe it’s just the ones I
bought last week, but I much prefer breasts for my sunday cookoff. the
ones I had last week were so fatty and sinewy – and it looked like the
butcher killed the chickens by bludgeoning them to death with a light
blunt object until the chicken was either tired and
gave up, or until the huge bruises sprung enough leaks
the chicken bled to death. they were impossibly fucking gross to trim
and slice, I kid you not.

mapex, pearl, tama, drum workshop, canwood.

yes..those money spending bastards in my band got me thinking about
trading my slightly worn 80’s era tama drumkit in for something new. i
can’t _really_ afford it, but it makes perfect sense nonetheless.

i went on a dinner date last night. huzzah. i’ll just say I wish i
could wipe my memory and do it all over again. all those little
firsts..they’re absofuckinglutely infuckingcredible.

guilty pleasures department: do
you have any guilty or nerdy pleasures? one of mine has to be some of
my musical choices. i had to shut off my msn messenger today for a
while for fear of getting a ribbing from my friends. i’m no one trick
pony, though!

there’s things that just catch me in songs. for instance (*deep breath*
– shup gjd, your tom jones collection is bigger than mine) boyz 2 men.
ya, i know. the thing i like about b2m is their baritone (or is it
tenor?) – anyways, the bassiest vocalist. i’d seriously dig having a
voice so low that people mistake you for an upright bass,  and
makes the girls cream their panties when you say hello in passing to

also in the guilty pleasures list is sarah mclaughlin. the thing I like
about sarah is not just her range, but the unique flavor to her voice
and her song and lyric writing abilities. even though it’s mostly aimed
at feminine crowds, I can relate to a lot of what she says, and the
music moves me.

tommy lee may be viewed by a lot of people as a chowderhead, but he
said something in an interview that sticks with me to this day – he
said something to the effect that you can’t discount any music or group
or genre, you can learn something from all music. and as a drummer, I
want to not only bring my own unique style to the music I create, but
also show an appreciation for the music other artists have built with
blood, sweat and beers to influence me.

maybe the hokey pokey is what it’s all about?