my name is corrupt peter and I have a problem. I cannot stop listening to 80’s cheese rock. so sorry. i gotta hear yewwwww…’cuz baby weeeee’ll beeee.. ARGH!

i have equipment envy. and it’s not of the wedding tackle kind. kram
and nekrekker were apparently fooling themselves the other day when
they went into long n mcquade to make the commision salesmen drool. i
go over to jam last night and – lo’ and behold … in place of the
regular jam amps I’m used to seeing ~dramatic pause~ there are two
fucking huge mesa boogie cabs – nekrekker’s with a dual rectifier head,
and kram’s with a triple rectifier head. jeebus. they both BOUGHT this
shit. and i’m not exaggerating when I say that cash they doled out
could’ve bought a college student a nice first car.

I now have to get a bank loan to buy a 32 piece drumkit with 20 cymbals
and TWO gongs. oh yes, many ging (is ging the plural of gong?). but it’s
not a competition.,’s simply about looking and sounding 
professional, right? LOL. (i don’t think it’s right to put LOL in
anywhere other than an email or IMS conversation, but there it is)

for those of you confused with what I just said, forget it. relax, buddy. listen to some 80’s cheese. you’ll be ok.

i’m so freaked about posting
about happy stuff on here..but
I guess I realized that I spend so much time beating on myself (in a
non-sexual way?) on the blog, that I haven’t ever revelled a little
while when I experience something good. maybe it’s a guilt thing about
trying not to be mr. annoying sunshine with any cranky blog visitors –
or partly, trying to make sure I temper the good feelings with reality.
it’s nice to be grinning about again – and alternatively,
also nice not always wanting to bash people’s skulls in with a claw
hammer. so, it’s a celebration, bitches!

i’m feeling fine, so i’m going to go look for treasure or buried plundered bewtie. anyone want to come with?