that is all.

i’m finding it really hard to
write entries. maybe because I’m getting progressively more busy as
fall kicks into gear, or maybe because there’s so much going on that my
head is practically spinning exorcist style.

did you know that beer tasters relate beer flavor using three
categories? They are Maltiness, Happiness, and Fruitiness. No shit! Happiness?

the band gets together tonight and tommorow night to practice..I’m
hoping to get a consensus on 3 songs we are going to completely hammer
down tight so I have all my drum parts down and ready for tracking..and
have some ideas for changes just in case some smartass pipes up in the
studio with..”why don’t you try it with a rumba beat here, cuban
pete". naw, that always happens..and you gotta be able to improvise for
the music’s sake.

milestone: I cracked my first
new cymbal last jam. I went in to Long & McQuade to replace it with
something better sounding that will be a little more durable. I don’t
care what cymbal you are, eventually 200+ hits twice a week at maximum
volume will break you. (son of a bitch, I’m going to break you)
it’s too bad they’re not cheap..i LOVE the cymbal room in L&M. i
could hit shit in there for hours to compare brightness, decay,
explosiveness, etc.. ok, I’m a band geek. but at least I’m one of 3
band geeks in corrupt system.

work barbq tonight prior to jam..this is but the second afterwork
function in 4 years with SPub i’ve gone to. I think it’s partially because
they like to talk shop at these things. Fuck, don’t you guys have
something else going on in your lives than work? And secondly, aren’t
those things more exciting to you? Not to mention, kissass will be
there without a doubt..and he’s even more spun out, and more of an apple
polisher outside the office – and I don’t have the headphones available
to ignore him. ah well, it’ll be short and sweet as I’ll have to jet to
jam right after.

but, I’m going to end this entry on a positive note.