what a weekend. let’s recap, shall we?

  • prior to kicking
    the weekend off I had a stark reminder that it’s always best to give
    people the benefit of the doubt. when you expect the worst of people,
    even when you’re right, it hurts people. not to mention, people tend to
    live up to your expectations eventually. this is something i vowed to
    work on as part of my personal improvement entries. a setback, but I’ll
    get back up on the horse and keep kicking. if I do it again, someone please spank
  • friday night I went for a few drinks at Earl’s with
    heppcat and nessie. they wanted me to meet this chick that nessie works
    with. we eventually ended up going back to their house to consume many drinks – a 40
    of sourpuss and a 26 of peach schnapps disappeared in addition to a lot
    of whiskey, to let you know the general atmosphere of the party. at one
    point there was an argument between the men and the ladies, and I
    needed to (and did) get naked to prove my point. although I did not
    prove my point, the argument, as I remember it, was over after that.
  • how did it go with the chick?
    yoko had a cool way of
    putting it. she said different music plays in your head depending on the vibe you get when you meet new
    people. (like how that cheesy romantic music plays when two people
    experience love at first sight in the movies). in this case, I didn’t hear
    any music playing at all when I met nessie’s friend. nice girl, but she’s
    probably too much of a repressed christian. (lol). I think sometimes
    I have a stunning effect on new people, too, perhaps I was a bit
    intimidating, what with the nudity and pulling her across the floor by her
    shoes and all.
  • saturday afternoon
    I zipped out to the lake, where my bro and his posse were waiting. upon
    my arrival, 5 rounds of shots were done in a matter of minutes. as
    everyone was getting nicely toasted and the night came, lady di and bender arrived with their twin girls. they are BOTH going to be metal heads! i remember at one point Strapping Young Lad – We Ride
    came on, one was boot stomping while the other was headbanging. The
    metal gods have certainly smiled upon these children and their parents!
  • Yes,
    it was time at 12 o’clock to pull out the tallywhacker. I went skinny
    dipping. Apparently photo and video of the event are available if you
    know who to ask. Again, I met new people that night that will never
    forget that they did meet me
  • A
    fun game to play – anywhere,anytime is to use ridiculous words in every other
    sentence. My words for Saturday evening were Pifflebunk, Tallywhacker,
    Gazebo, Mukluk, and Flong. I’ve never heard my brother laugh so hard in
    my life.
  • you never know how much trivia information a
    brain can store until you play star wars trivial pursuit. good lord. if
    a person could replace all occurrences of han solo in their heads with
    nuclear physics equations…woo..just think of the possibilities..
  • For
    Friday evening/Monday night, a big thank you to all my ego boosters,
    you know who you are. I try now to live a life of appreciation, and you
    definately never go underappreciated. Add in there – lady di, nekrekker
    & yoko, kram, and heppcat – thanks for giving me a chance to meet
    some new chicas. A lot of single guys don’t have the luxury of having
    the wicked people I do in my life to give them things the way they’re
    comfortable with. I can’t say it enough or put it in proper words to
    convey my appreciation but, Thank You! – all of you! No matter how
    things turn out with any of the bizzos, I know I’ve got great friends.
  • corrupt
    system has booked studio time! in late october the band is putting in
    an 8 hour day to get the drums tracked for our demo! a lot of people
    this weekend were ready and wanting a taste.. For the band, anticipation
    is in the air, and so is worry! it started with kram worrying that if
    he doesn’t have a good session that nekrekker should play all his
    parts. I catch blurbs about nekrekker worrying about his vocals, too. i
    wasn’t thinking a goddamn thing about how my drumming was going to go until
    now. now I’m starting to wonder if I should be worried that I won’t
    play anything well? NAH! my only concern right now is that I’ve been
    listening to so many different drummers and their styles that what goes
    into my drum tracks may be so different than the usual hard playing tommy lee 4/4
    time I’ve grown up playing that I’ll wonder if I really recorded
    what I did.

nekrekker gave me a good idea for an essay entry tomorrow. don’t ask for the goods if you don’t want to see them, right?