Yes indeed, as stated in the title, Stacey has obtained two rare and elusive Audioslave tickets, for their concert September 29th at GM Place in Vancouver. Stacey, otherwise known to her blogging coven as GroovyJeepDiva,
is very excited about this, and has been most recently seen commenting
in a state of obvious incapacitating bliss on a number of spaces about
her excitement.

A little background: Audioslave was formed from
the ashes of two successful bands from the 90’s. Their lineup is
of drummer Brad Wilk, bassist Tim Commerford, and guitarist Tom
Morello, who joined Audioslave from the late Rage Against the Machine.
Audioslave is fronted by vocalist Chris Cornell, who was from the very
well known alternative-grunge scene group Soundgarden. It is Stacey’s
infatuation with Chris Cornell in particular that causes her
heartbeat to flutter muchly – and anticipate that much MORE the concert
to which she now has tickets to.

Chris Cornell

Indeed, as a fellow musician, and a fan of all three bands – Rage
Against the Machine, Soundgarden, and Audioslave, I can admit I am also
a fan of Chris Cornell’s. His charasmatic nature, smoky voice, and
intense lyrical and musical writing make him a musical force de jour to
be reckoned with. Though I am definately not as much a fan of his as
Stacey (her fan-ness being classified as the ‘lusting starry-eyed teenage girl after a teenage pop sensation’ type), I can certainly appreciate what he brings to the musical world.

Chris Cornell

So here’s to Chris Cornell and his contributions to the musical scene,
and another congratulations to Stacey for obtaining the tickets! Enjoy
the concert, Stacey!