didn’t have time last night with the side project I was working on to get the very last travel entry up. (yes, it’ll be Paris, nancy)

not got much to blog about today. it’s tuesday morning and I can’t wait
for the long weekend to get here already. i’m hoping to spend most of
it out at the lake relaxing dramafree with my brother and his
friends..maybe I’ll be a little bit ridiculous? yeah, probably..

my job is quickly becoming..stressing, and boring. it used to be a
challenge..but now it’s just copy and paste and research proper syntax
in books. those of you that think computer programming is rocket
science, it’s not. it’s the same as factory assembly work, just more
adaptive to certain conditions. it’s losing meaning for me.. just give
me the paycheck and I’ll do something I love for someone who cares and
can appreciate the end result.


i’m being impatient. maybe slow soothing music will calm me down. I shall have a listen, and ..sigh..keep programming.