Q: What do you call it when you mix a protein shake, oatmeal and yogurt all together?

A: I don’t know. But I do know I’m not going to eat it for breakfast again.

Now back to the main, very important topic:

hoookay. so i’ve got this cool set of drinking glasses made out of
semi-transparent colored plastic, with a cool contoured design to aid
drunken fingers.

The cool cup

Now, I’ve had these cups for 3+ years, and , for
some reason, up until today I had never discovered these cups are NOT
dishwasher safe. Today I was emptying the
dishwasher and discovered one of these cups is forever altered.

The cool cup, made BETTER!

I now have a new problem – how do I make the rest of the cups like this? It has a cool sippy spout for crunked peter!..