i hate people, really I do. the unfortunate thing is, I have a built in
need, like all humans, to
connect. I secretly enjoy the company and a good conversation. I take
pleasure in making people grin, laugh, and getting those "what the fuck is UP
with that guy?" looks. I can’t hack the
drama or negative people anymore, and I think I’ve done as much as I
can to rid myself of that. relationships are a way to amplify the human
experience – it’s so wierd, but so true. no matter what feeling you
experience, you can never experience it to the same intensity as when
it involves another person. I can get mad at myself, but it’s never
anywhere near as intense as when I can get mad at someone else.
alternatively, I can have a good time by myself (perverts, that’s not
what I mean…or IS it?)..but it’s never as good as when you can share that feeling
with someone else.

i’m going to be taking my first real crack at dating since
snuffleupagus. it’s been a REALLY long time. not much else I want to
say on this subject.

i think people are teasing me, or god is testing me. monday morning I
found a discarded reeses peanut butter cup package sitting neatly in
the parking lot behind my car. if  it hadn’t been rainy I would’ve
disposed of it a lot sooner. but I haven’t, so it sits there nicely with it’s cruel "I know you want me" open package stares
burning a hole into my skull.

I was a bundle of energy this morning. I got to bed earlier than usual
last night and really woke up refreshed.  on the way to the gym
the music in the car was cranked to distortion (as usual), me
alternating between air drumming, air guitaring, screaming, throwing horns at nobody in particular, and
headbanging. I wonder what the 5:30 am traffic on taylor st. must be
thinking when my car flies by. probably something to the effect of,
"it’s way to early to act crazy, he must be on something". by the time
I actually get in the gym, I just TEAR IT UP! I get pooped out earlier on
in my workout because of the dieting down, but I still work up a good sweat.

why do people comb-over? there’s a guy with the worst comb-over ever at
the gym every morning (we’re talking from one ear all the way to the
other from both sides with these wispy little strands or barely there
hair). not to mention the cut-off jean shorts, handlebar mustache &
elvis sideburns he wears – it totally makes me scratch my head. I mean,
I’m not a fashion guru or nothing, but..does he honestly look at
himself in the mirror in the morning before he goes out and thinks –
"that’s IT! that’s the look I’m going for!"

lastly, but DEFINATELY not least..Sept 19 is international ‘Talk Like a
Pirate Day’. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to take part in this
important day. details and helpful hints can be found here. I for one shall be participating.

are drummers inherently wierd people, or is it just me? fuck it, I have a lot of fun being silly, and being me.