actually, I don’t have anything to blog for, but i liked that I could twist a song title into a blog title.

welcome to the entry that makes little sense to few people!

i had partially prepared another travel entry but the pictures I had
fixed up at home didn’t make it here for some that will have
to wait ’til tommorow. it shall cover my travels to weimar, the
buchenwald concentration camp, wiesbaden, and frankfurt, germany.

i just wanted to point out that the drama that erupted on saturday was
completely unnecessary. obviously there’s a base issue there…you can
make as many silly rules around it as you want to pretend that it’s
something else..but, really.. there’s an issue there, and that’s quite

I have something else…exciting..rolling around in my head, but it’s too early and
I’m not even going to jinx myself or put too much worry into it. when
you make an assumption, you’re an ass, and an ump, and people shun you.

"I said yeah yeah yeah, she said yeah yeah yeah, we say yeah yeah yeah…WOOOOOOOOO!" – The Bugs