saturday night, nekrekker and I drank copius amounts of abominable alcohol. but more on that later. (as if this picture doesn’t tell enough of a story)

copious sillyness

friday night was practice with the band. kram had just shaved all his
facial hair, so he looked like a used car salesman. I will from now on
refer to him as honest bob.

honest bob is a metalhead

is it me, or is it really hard to not stare at someone when they’ve
made an appearance change like that? i was like "is that really him? when did darren malkavian join the band?".
the jam was really wierd. a couple songs we played were better and
tighter than we’ve ever played them, but the rest were so riddled with
mistakes it was hard not to just laugh and quit playing. i blame the
full moon.


saturday afternoon was the LAN party..had a great time..full of cussing
and was great to see these guys again..and we had a
good turnout..over 15 people at one point.

LAN party fun

and after the LAN party was nekrekker’s bday party. asides from the drama that should’ve been saved for ‘yo mama…

it was fun.

yoko raises the roof

it was ridiculous.

I am SO mad at this bread.

spanking may have been the theme for the night.



some people take artistic direction well.

and some do not.

lastly, I had to leave my mark on nekrekker and yoko’s whiteboard. can you see which 2 places I left my intelligent writings? (you can click for a closeup)

intelligent writings..