welp, today and tommorow are ‘attend a conference for work that has very little
practical use or useful knowledge for me in my job’.. thursday evening i’m out
for a family bbq. i don’t forsee a new entry for a while.

EDIT: The conference sessions were so
totally not worth my time that I’m back at work. But I’m not going to
do a new entry anyways for a while so I don’t have to contradict
myself. I need a break anyways..so I can come up with something
fresh.  Not like, "Ma’am you have a nice rack" fresh, and not like
"This isn’t saltwater, it’s FRESHwater", but like "Subway, eat fresh".

EDIT 2: Ate out (bwahahaha, I wish) for lunch today. Do you know what
Fuddrucker’s special treat of the month is? A fucking Reeses Peanut
Butter cup blizzard. The poster showing the delicacy spared me no
anguish. Huge chunks of Peanut butter cup goodness abounded in the
silky smooth vanilla softserve. AWWWWGGGGGGGGGG!

i like comments. 
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