well, today there shall be no travel entry. that last one took a while
to prepare and left me unprepared for the next. I’ve got my travels in
Ireland and Germany left. (maybe even some bonus entries from when my
bro, sisInLaw, and I went..Paris? yeee)

had a headsup that there wasn’t going to be a travel entry today, so
she assumed there would be more softcore porn. this is for you, stace.

revenge of the wookie

penis. clitoris. cum.

wow, that was hot.

i started building my new computer last night. eee..so excited, but
noone really can appreciate the nerdiness of the whole project. it’s
gunna kick ass. your ass. and, it’s just on time for a LAN party i’ve
been invited to next weekend. (for the layman, a ‘LAN party’ is where
nerds and geeks get together with their computers and play computer
games against each other until their moms come to pick them up)

i’m big into lyrics in songs. I like a song that means something, that
I can relate to. that’s why I’ve always liked breach of trust.
non-cliche. sure, eventually no matter what topic you choose or what
words you write, it’s going to have been done before. 5000 artists
in America alone are submitting CDs to record labels every month.
originality is difficult.

anyways, as I was looking over the
skye pictures – I was reminded how haunting the landscape was..and my
random playlist pulled out a real gem as I was browsing photos. lyrically, it’s one of the most
eerie songs I’ve ever heard. bonus points to anyone who can identify
the song and artist WITHOUT googling.

Something is going wrong
With the singer and the song
And the music isn’t gentle anymore
There’s a mist across the moon,
and the sun’s too hot at noon
The house is dark behind the broken door

Where the flowers used to grow,
with their leaves hanging low
And a constant shadow lies across the floor
There’s a strange and empty sky
Where the wild birds used to fly
And I never tasted bitter rain before

Someone’s lost the plan
For the brotherhood of man
And no one’s trying to find it anymore
And the winds become a sigh
For those who hate and those who die
And the waves are black and slow along the shore

And will the grass be gone from underneath the sky?
Will the golden flower wither soon and die?
Will the fire burn out the land, and the sea fill-up with sand?
Will the last word ever spoken be…why?
Will the last word ever spoken be…WHY?