hooboy. updates:

  • the final pieces of my move are in place (lol, 2 months later). i
    finally found furniture I like, and had it ordered. it will be another 2 months
    before it gets here though..haha. you visit peter, you sleep on the floor.
  • the last of my new computer parts have been ordered..stay tuned for a
    later entry on how to build your own PC. should be full of
  • i really like peach fruit in the cup yogurt

i’ll continue onto entry 4 of the travel series for tommorow (wonderful
edinburgh, scotland). for today – I was coerced into bringing some of
my erotica to the main stage..so here it is.

this story contains sexual content. if you are underage, don’t read on. if sexuality offends you, or you’re just a freakin’ prude, don’t read on. go gentle on me with the comments..it’s my first time

without furthur ado..a premier, of peter’s short story erotica to corrupt you.

we’ve just had a nice candle lit dinner…my eyes catching yours across the table for
quite some time..i depart from my chair and walk across to where you
are seated…dip one hand down your blouse and lightly fondle your
breasts..lightly massaging them ontop your black lace bra, moving the
fabric against your skin..

you decide it’s time to return the pleasure and stand above your
chair..reaching around to grip my behind as we share a sweet long
kiss..i lift you gently by your bottom and, with your legs wrapped
around me, kissing me deeply, i bring you into my room….

i place you stomach up on my bed..just inches above you, and pressing
against you as i breathe your scent in deeply..still kissing you, this
time letting our tongues dance outside our lips.. i undo the buttons on
your blouse hastily, and pull your dress down and off your ankles,
letting it fall to the ground near bedside..

reaching to the bedstand, i switch on the small lamp that illuminates
your underwear clad gorgeous figure..and grasp a small jar of heated,
sented, edible oil…i open the jar..still partially sitting up ontop
of you, and apply a small portion to the base of your neck…you can
smell the oil..and feel it’s warmth penetrate your skin.. i unclasp your
bra…kneading the oil into your firm beautiful breasts..smiling at
your eyes as they close when you inhale…rolling your nipples between
my fingers until they are slick

i move with my hands applying oil down your body, making your tummy wet
and sweet smelling…and round the corners of your panties..i rub oil
into your inner thighs and legs with just two fingers..rubbing it in in
small circular motions…then i slide down your
body with mine..head to your panties…

my tongue snakes out and kisses the very edges of your panties, making
the panties wet to the touch…i then reach behind you and pull them
gently down…off your ankles and feet and onto the bed…i kiss
higher..massaging oil very gently into the mons..and
your pubic patch…all the while kissing near your sweet cavern, i get
excited as you get wet and sticky with oil and my saliva…smelling
your want..i start to roll my tongue around you..kissing you and
getting you wet and warm to the touch…i slide a
solitary finger down between as your spread your legs..

now i’m hearing your body move to my face..and you moaning … as i
slick down your love tunnel with my tongue..kissing and slipping my
tongue in and out..very lightly with oiled fingers massaging your
clit…now i have to have you cum for me…i lick a
path all the way up to your clit…pressing two fingers into you, and
poking my tongue out onto your clit..i can feel you getting swollen and
wet…so i start to lick and flick my tongue, and penetrate you deeply
with my fingers..

now you’re gasping for air, and i can feel your desperation as you buck
your hips to my face and grip my head..i suck your clit on and
off…leaving it wet and very gently
throbbing…licking and penetrating you with my fingers…i taste your
cum in my mouth…and continue licking and sucking you until you grow
weak in passion and unable to orgasm …