Hello from Salisbury, England (From an email sent September 29, 2004)

 The nice big bed & breakfast I stayed at in Salisbury. My first stay at a B&B ever

I’m killing time before I go to watch a movie. I’ve been in Salisbury in southern England now for a day and a half, and my feet are killing me
from the walking around I’ve done. (And from my wet socks as it never fails to rain here, period) There’s an incredible cathedral here from
1250 whose spire stretches 440 feet into the sky.

 The cathedral in Salisbury. It was built in 1258 and it's main spire stretches 440 feet in the air. This is a closeup on the door to give you an idea how huge it is.

I did take pictures and try to do it justice, but it was hard. Its so jaw dropping and awe-inspiring to see a cathedral built like that.
(The closeup of the front door below with the bicyclist should give you an indication how huge it is.)

Cathedral in Salisbury

A medieval clock in the Cathedral. It's from the 1300s and still accurately tells time.

Through the middle of Salisbury there is a small river that is host to ducks and swans, as well as otters.

A picturesque walkway along a river in Salisbury

All the wildlife will come up to your toes and literally eat your shoes if you leave a piece of bread on them. The river provides some super
scenic shots, and believe me, my first 215 shot memory card is now near full.

The other attraction near here is none other than Stonehenge. It is partly in ruins, partially been rebuilt, but again, a really thought
provoking feature. It’s over 4000 years old and just a part of the puzzle as there are over 500 burial grounds near Stonehenge
they call barrows and another set of large stone circles in nearby Amesbury.

Stonehenge! You should be able to make out the people at both corners, giving you an impression of it's size. Also note the small rounded carving on the single non-topped stone. These were carved using stone and antlers to make the stones fit better together.

Ok, off to enjoy a more North American pastime, going to the movies. The only difference here is that the cinema here is housed partially in
1200’s era stonework. =p

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Stonehenge proved to be somewhat of a dissapointment as it’s roped off 40 yards all the way around the
site. You can’t really get all that close to the stones. It seems this rope barrier was prompted by some dumbasses who decided to carve things
into the stones. I guess there’s stupid people everywhere. Strange as it sounds, the cathedral was my favorite stop while in Salisbury..it
was unbelievable!