hmm. well, it seems some of you enjoy the erotic poetry. it also seems
some of you took wide steps around the entry to avoid commenting on something a little outside the box..or taboo. ah
well, I know very well you all have an inner pervert (or perhaps an inner sensuality and

i didn’t ever save any of my erotic poetry, but I did keep some of the
short stories..having flipped through some of them last night, it seems
I was a bit more ‘clinical’ in my writing in my youth, if yanno what I mean. So
I’ll save some of that for later when it’s been cleaned up, and a bit
more mature, like me.

<daily rant> I’m not a road rager, but I swear to god, when I am in a hurry to drive
to work, every pedestrian and bicyclist is out to delay me, and
dipsydoodle around in front of my car. get the fuck out of my
way!  </end rant>

I have a series of blog entries coming up titled ‘stories from
abroad’..a conglomeration of emails and photos taken when I was ..
well..abroad.  Until then, here’s the results of a kinda adapted
Myers-Brigg test I did that will occupy your minds. After taking it 4
times, I think I found a result that suits me..haha

You’re an INTJ: "It’s Not Thoroughly Justified"

You are a strong individualist who seeks out new angles or novel ways of looking at
things…enjoy coming to new understandings…insightful and mentally quick…but this
quickness is not always obvious to others since you keep a lot to yourself…you’re
logical and analytical and ingenious..

You are very determined and trust your vision of the possibilities, regardless of what
other people think…you are VERY independent…you are quiet yet firm….You’re a damn

Appear serious and reserved… might be labelled "brains" by others…you
probably do/did well in school because you set internal goals for yourself.. being
sociable just isn’t worth your time and energy…unless there’s a purpose for you…you
don’t like bureaucracy icky because you have to fit into other people’s systems and not
your own…

You might be frugal unless the money is spent on something you value
(like a new PC or protein powder, haha)…you learn best when you can
design your own approach…you
have a thirst for probably enjoy lectures, libraries,
courses and so on…

You are highly independent, and continue on with your plans even in the face of data
that might suggest to others that it’s no longer feasible… independent
individualist….surprised when others don’t see your visions the same clear way you
do…a job well done doesn’t need comment, it speaks for itself…you like decisive and
intellectual people…

Man! You’re one hell of a relentless organizer! ….tough-minded… once you make your
mind up to do something, nothing can stop you…. even your leisure is planned, regualar
and disciplined….you tend to avoid fads…you tend to choose partners in your love life
who have an outward zest….you keep your affections private, and don’t always share ’em
with your partner..

You can be intense in your love…generous with gifts if it fits into the ideal the way
love should be…when scorned, you retreat into your own world and may share none of your
hurt feelings with anyone…you look for the "right" way to end a

Things to watch for: let go of impractical ideas….don’t get so tied up in future
thoughts that you ignore the present; you could be surprised… don’t ignore the impact of
your style on others..not everyone functions the way you do….you might criticize anyone
who doesn’t match up to how you think they should be…don’t become obsessed with
unimportant details… demanding…critical…

You are:

  • very expressed introvert
  • moderately expressed intuitive personality
  • slightly expressed thinking personality
  • slightly expressed judging personality

You kin take this test at
And if personality profiling really gets you horny, you can continue at

I nominate 3 others to take this test! ( i know robyn will do it anyways, lol)

  • jessica (since mandy’s already a pro at the test, lol)
  • stacey
  • and waisze