blame this one on sexual frustration. having endured multiple ky jelly stories, plus being single for a while..well

anyways..once upon a time, I used to frequent chat rooms..mostly poetry
or hardcore adult rooms, or a combination of both. (good combination,
eh?) I did a bit of writing, both of poetry, and short stories – some
of the erotic kind. the poem below is one of my favorites from those
days, it’s not mine – but, perhaps I can be coerced into posting some
of the stuff that i’ve written at a later date 🙂

i’m not sure if msn is going to jump all over this or not. If you’re not of the age of consent, turn back now. this is not for young eyes.

not you

Ï wake with her arms wrapped
warmly around me
like protective walls
sheltering me from
the insanities of everyday life
but she is not you…

I surrender to her touch
as she makes a path on my skin
gently marking me with her nails
teasing and pleasing me with every
inch travelled
but she is not you…

Her lips, full, red and silk in nature
dance on mine, her tongue darting
through all mine defenses in the hunt of mine
I let her into my warmth, my moist hunger awakening
with every thrust of her tongue
but she is not you…

Cupping her breasts with my rough skinned hands
rolling her red nipples between my fingers
making her cry out and purr as my tongue traces
her mounds and her erect points without mercy
she fills my mouth, her taste overwhelming my senses
but she is not you…

Tongue flickering
over her softest folds and deepest warmth
my lips on her lower, most secret lips as I drink
drink deep of her nectar, my tongue dancing
probing, darting, teasing, making her cry out in joy
but she is not you…

Seconds of infinity
as I enter her, feel her folds part and envelope me
her wetness surrounding me on all sides
Her legs around my waist, pulling me deeper
into her moistness and I willingly let go
but she is not you…

Watching her die
with eternity watching
stars laughing
as her nails mark my back
and her teeth bite into my shoulder
with her last shudders of ecstacy
as she holds me tight, kissing me gently
whispering the words I long to hear from you
"I love you..", she closes her eyes and wraps her arms
warmly around me once more
like protective walls
sheltering me from
the insanities of everyday life
but she is not you
never ever you….

-author unknown