welp, the wedding celebration is over with. thank the lord, ‘cuz my liver can’t take anymore punishment.
my covert mission wasn’t achieved, but given there wasn’t a single girl over 16 at the wedding, that’s hardly my fault. I had such a great time anyways, that I couldn’t be bothered about that.
instead of posting the photos on my blog, I slapped them on ofoto. that way friends and family can get the full sized pix if they want. I’ve got descriptions under each of them for the bloggites that aren’t r/t buds of mine but still wanna see the proceedings and find out who the heck all these people are. oh yeah, and the strange expressions on people’s faces or the outright laughter – I usually had something crazy to say right before the flash went off..like "oh, by the way, I just let one ripppp..woweeeee"..
THE PICTURES ARE HERE, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICTURES. WANNA SEE THE PICTURES, THE LINK TO SEE THEM IS HERE. (haha) You may have to click the ‘View photos without signing in’ or ‘Create account later’ link to see ’em.
hangover day..thought I was goina relax, but I was pulled back to a post-celebration celebration for a couple hours..now all I wanna do is shower and hit the sack. i’m glad it’s going to be a short work week.