looooooooooooonnnnng weekend! everyone drop your pants!
er, I mean, let’s all dance! everyone go to france?

no, I’m not sure what I mean. but if you’ve already dropped your pants, you might as well have some fun while they’re down...
anyways, I’m taking this afternoon and tommorow morning off (our office
staff is blessed with fridays off in the summer). got so much to do
instantly again.

i figure I should get a new suit or at least pants and shirt for the
wedding this weekend, may be even be so bold as to get a new tie. I’ve
got one last tanning session with crazy tanning man that I’ll do this
afternoon..I’ll be sure to update you with a shot of how dark i’ve

i’ve got practice with the band again tonight – we’ve rigged up a really
cheesy recording method to capture what we create..sounds good..and funny
so far. oops, peter hit the ditch. oops, mark hit the ditch. oops, jesse is playing in the wrong key.

and finally, drive to a bit of a stag party at the lake, then rehearsals
friday, and wedding on saturday. it should be a great time. hopefully
my covert "suck it up and talk to a girl in purple or green" (yes, with
big tata’s robyn, lol) mission is a success.

ooo, ooo..something for the nerds. I know NONE of you are nerds. *eyeroll*
top 11 ways nerds stay cool

oh, and ms. bashful. reminder – you owe me one game of solitaire showdown when I get back. it’s a date!