yes.. a good weekend was what I needed, for sure. and that’s what
I’ve got. I’m still revelling in the the good vibes, so I won’t post
anything related to last week’s entries today. I do have some ideas for
my plan, and I’ve gotten a bunch of great ideas from everyone that
commented. I appreciate your participation and sitting still throughout
those entries. They weren’t the most happy, fluffy clouds, newborn
puppies and cotton candy nice.
robyn had a good idea..back up the blog! i really don’t want to
lose this stuff…so, being a mega-nerd, I’m going to make a database
to do that. she’s doing it in excel using a different sheet for each
entry, and I suppose if you were really lazy you could do it in notepad
or word. but I want to keep the comments and entry dates and be able to
sort, search, and stuff. maybe i’ll even make it so that it’s RSS
capable and just automatically pulls it into my database when I create
new entries..but that’s being ambitious.
updates..well..hmm. wedding on the long weekend coming up..hepp
cat’s. he roped me into doing video for the ceremony and first
dance..but promised free drinks. at a looney bar, it’s not like i’m
really hosing him, but drinks = good. I’d imagine it’s
going to be a real mess up. considering taking friday off just to
pre-warm up the liver.
corrupt system has moved into two jams a week, and as soon as fall
kicks in, I’d imagine and hope for 3 a week..I’m really hoping to hit
the studio in fall and have a 6 song demo completed by winter’s
end – and go touring in spring. if we end up going through any of my
fellow bloggites neighbourhoods, I’ll let you know, and expect you at
the very least to come for some drinks with the band after the
and, for the nerds/dorks: building a kick ass new computer is
getting to be a little expensive. the good folks at visa are probably
watching my card activity and rubbing their hands togther with glee. so
far I’ve got the case, power supply, most of my lighting and cooling
mods, graphics card, dvd burner, and motherboard. i’ve still gotta grab
a processor, hard disk drives, memory, floppy disk drive (you just
gotta have one..never know), and some sort of cool 9in1 card
reader. it’s a pain in the bank account..but it’ll be so cool when it’s
done. i’ll probably do a writeup the day I get it all put
together.  you know, revel in the nerdiness.