hehe..fun weekend…here’s saturday…

First, on the way out
to the lake, I had to stop at my brother’s house to see how things are
going there. Of course, he needed an excuse to stop for a beer.

Is it half-empty, or half full?

Well, it’s empty now. Let’s see how my sister in law and her brother
(otherwise known as the people that do the actual work) are doing.

I really don’t blame my brother for wanting to take a timeout for beer. That work stuff looks like it sucks.

My brother on the right, with his friend, who is helping to encourage him to not work. Ahh…off to the lake.

Summer time. Nice..this is the road heading down to the cabins..canola
on the right looks great when it’s flowering. Hmm..I have to make
supper and decide what crazy hat I’ll wear out tonight.

Too gangster-ish.


All aboard the crazy train? Nope.

This hat is too big, said goldi-peter.

Come on now, that’s not even a hat.

Oh yeah..outback Peter..my hat is chosen.

Shot inserted solely to aggravate Robyn. (can anyone see what’s wrong in this picture?)

I don’t care who you are..that’s a fucking great dinner right there.
Can you see the cold sweat forming on the bottle of coors? *insert
homer drooling noises here*. Now that supper’s done..I need a mission
statement for the night.

Thanks eBunz, hehe. Drinking heavily it is!

I take a short walk down the cabin access road..half of cudworth owns
cabins on this beach, and my friend’s cabin is just 4 cabins down from
my parent’s.

it appears hepp cat is just arriving..

and molran has supplies to help me achieve my mission statement.

The view is looking great as the sun and the drinks continue to go down. Maybe it’s time for some campfire songs?

Whaddya mean I can’t play any Lamb of God for campfire songs? What do you
mean I have to settle down if I’m to play an acoustic guitar?

Ok, ok. I’ll play the guitar nicely. *strum*

as the drinks piled up in the livers and other intoxications took hold,
our attitudes changed somewhat. hepp cat’s expression says it all. it
was a very funny night..and very..strange. if you look in the
background at me, I believe I am just about to burst into laughter.
(which is a very strange term.)

meh, 5am already? I guess I’ll go home..looks like the sun is coming up.

hope you liked the entry..hehe..I had fun living it.