The prodigal oneThis definitely isn’t as intense as my past entries, but it still serves as a thorn in my side.

I was a very good student in school, did well in extra curricular activities, and always strove to make my parents proud. Given that, I haven’t always been the best son. Strangely enough, it seems that area of my life shifted to worse.

My father and I don’t connect in a lot of areas. As a certified nerd, and he as a ‘never used a computer people person’, we aren’t the best matched pair. We do connect in outdoor activities, something we have tried to make an annual thing. Don’t get me wrong – I’m his biggest fan, and I think he’s someone who has taught me more by example than all of the
education I’ve had combined, and I appreciate beyond words everything he and mom have done for me.

I’m seeing change, and it’s sad. He’s getting older. Getting out isn’t as easy or as enjoyable as it used to be. Conversations are harder, his views on life have changed, and sadly, it seems some of the spark that made him seem larger than life to me is gone.  The very question of his mortality, something that has caused my worst nightmares, causes me to shy away from spending time with my parents.  It’s really hard.