ok dokie. I decided to do an entire series of connected entries this week.

a preface: late last week I parted ways with a friend. it was a
relationship long in limbo, and finally I decided to say something.
quite undiplomatically, I started by confronting the friend with the
personality traits of his I viewed as faulty. the friend, going into
defense mode, fired back angrily with some things he saw as my flaws,
along with other things.

some of the things said were not agreed with, and some of them I saw
merit in examining. I decided I’m going to bare my soul this week,
(instead of my butt, heehee), and look at some of the things in my life
I don’t like, figure out what I’m going to do to change them, and
devise an action plan.

rules: always with the rules, huh? this series is going to be highly critical of myself. but I don’t
want reinforcing happy comments like "it’s not that bad", "you’re
awesome dude, don’t worry about that", and so on. get what I’m saying?
a lot of things in my life up until now I’ve just settled for, and they
only got better
once I got disturbed, angry, and frustrated enough to decide that it
wasn’t up to my standard, that it wasn’t ‘good enough’. (see this entry for example)
comments that include suggestions for improvement in any of the areas I
talk about or just simply a nod to say you’ve read the entry are

see you tommorow for entry #1.