EDIT: we jam tonight. my pedal is fixed and I’m hyper. I’m just going
to keep playing until I physically can’t swing my arms anymore. plus, I
got some new promark sticks, and discovered some pairs are made of
japan oak, and some are just american hickory. we’ll see which stand up
to the peter drumming test. get a few comments on my corrupt system
t-shirt while out and aboot today.

remember tan dude? well, yesterday in the tanning bed, I found myself trying to puncture my
eardrums. why? because john mayer was playing .. again. it plays
nonstop at this tanning place. i can handle ol’ john in small
amounts..like, 1 song per year. anyways, I made a point of mentioning
my dislike of the music to crazy tanning dude. he told me that the
music was chosen to fit his demographic..of the mostly 40-70 year olds
that tan there.

now, if you saw the tanning dude entry, you’ll see he promised in his
sales pitch that nubile young things would be walking around glowing in
their beauty. unless this guy has an appreciation for ..older women..I
think I was lied to. a salesman lied to me to get me to buy something! I’m shocked that they would do that.

anyways, this one is to be feisty partially because of one of waisze‘s
comments. she asserted that none of my blog readers would appreciate
seeing my pasty white ass. the other reason is to show off how well the
tanning is going. and the last reason, of course, is to moon all of you. HAHAH, you’ve been mooned!

i challenge all other bloggers to moon back.

that certainly was cheeky of me, wasn’t it?