i got nothing again today. ok, little things. I think I’m back in
groove again. I found my correct sleeping patterns, the apartment (less
furniture) is pretty much how I want it, I’m productive in the gym,
hitting jam sessions again, etc. we jam today..it’s hot in nekrekker’s basement..but I can’t wait to hit the drums again..

oh, and forget that chick from this weekend,
I’ma moving on. no effort = no rick james, bitch. hold my drink, bitch.

  1. i like marshmellows, but not in large quantities. 3 is too much!
  2. i got peanut butter on my gym sweats. they look even uglier now.
  3. the
    monkey claw is smelly. (they call it the monkey claw because it feels
    like my colon is being ripped apart by a thousand monkeys)
  4. coffee+peter = not a good combination
  5. how regular is too regular?
  6. slacking=cool. but only once a week.
  7. not all turtle shells are round
  8. interpretive dancing to heavy metal music is an art. a very sexy, erotic art.
  9. fart jokes are the lowest form of comedy. *makes a fart noise* bwahahahaha!
  10. spam subjectline of the hour: "Save your money buy getting this thing here"
  11. my fortune cookie reads: (from lunch) "Smile if you like this fortune cookie"
  12. Current state: Angrily pounding fortune cookie into desk with fists. (Stupid fortune.)