first, a housekeeping item.

i can accept whatever comments are coming onto my blog, negative,
positive, or not. I can respect people have different opinions than I
do or that they’re not going to like everything I say. I continue to
welcome comments and feedback. That’s the reason I made my blog
publically accessible.

having said that, keep in mind, this is MY blog, containing MY
opinions. I write about the events in my life and the people I come
across, period. I’m not going to slander or be libellous, but as in my
paper journal, if I want to explore negative feelings I have about
people, I’m going to. i would say, be happy that instead of sitting on
my hands and pretending every relationship in my life is going
swimmingly, I choose to be open about them. be happy that I’ve chosen
to share my thoughts with you.

added new album with weekend pics.