well, it turns out ‘snuffleupagus’ and her
friend are both ok in england. good news!
it’s bad enough that so many other people had to
be hurt and killed in that useless attack.

friday morning, already! butterflies in the gut, big time.
and it’s not from the ridiculous number of crunches in the gym
this morning. always last minute stuff too..turns out ‘girlie’
is scrambling to find a sitter for her daughter, as most
of the usual suspects have commitments this weekend.
she’ll be headed out to meet us saturday.

as previous mentioned, this weekend is sask. centennial
celebrations in my hometown of cudworth so friday night
i will take in the lawnmower races, which my brother is usually entered in.
i’ll probably be a barfly at the beer gardens too – but try to
take it easy enough that i’m not useless for conversation,
shmoozing, and even more beer gardening on saturday.  i can see the conversation

Brent: "Let’s play drink the beer."

*Peter takes a chug of beer*

Brent: "You win!"

Peter: "What do I win?"

Brent: "Another beer!"

Peter: "All right! I’m going for the high score!"

cross your eyes for me. i’m hoping things go well. I don’t
have any expectations, and I won’t take it hard if nothing
other than a new friend comes out of it. promise! scout’s honor!

ain’t nothing left to it but to do it!