as I walked in to work today, a coworker informed me that a terrorist attack has happened in england. as I read a few news articles on the web,
I see that some 30 people have been killed in the blasts that
occurred in London, England on tube (subway) stations, and on a
bus.  an al Qaeda related group has claimed responsibility for the blasts.

I want to wish my greatest sympathies to all those hurt and killed in
this useless act.  because in the end, what will it have done and
proved? will bush and blair pull out of afghanistan and iraq today?
will no more innocent people be killed as of today in any country
because of this senseless act? NO. no higher purpose will be served.
when the people who create this violence stand to face their creator, I
truly believe they will be
judged harshly for these acts as crimes. and that statement is not just
pointed at the ‘terrorists’ that pull these acts off, but also at the
likes of all people who still endeavour to contain, control,  and
subjugate other people ‘for their own

hasn’t anyone learned anything from our two millenia of history?
wars never solved A SINGLE THING. there was nothing but
bloodletting. countries trying to control and direct other countries?
look at how well that’s gone: remember england trying to control the new
colonies in america? russia trying to control khazakstan? spain trying to
control portugal? hitler trying to control the continent of europe? LET GO. when you are trying to control in any
relationship, all you have is resent, and  that leads to anger.
it’s all fucking useless!

I feel a need to mention – as much as I have a fervent
dislike for my ex, I don’t wish her any harm. i don’t wish harm on
anyone, period. she doesn’t live right *in* london,
but there could be many reasons why she would’ve been in London today,
even on one of those tube lines. I hope she and her friend who live
over there are ok. it’s scary..those pictures of those people
filtering out of those stations wounded – I’ve been in and out of those
very tube stations many times. had things had been different, I
could’ve been one of those injured or killed today.

I’m proud of our former prime minister for keeping us clear of
at least some of this bullshit, no matter how poorly we’re perceived by
our neighbours to the south. I wish this could be the start of the
realization for MANY people that ‘by doing what you’ve always done, you
get what you’ve always got’. and to date that’s been nothing but
suffering. sadly, no end to the vicious circle is in sight. WAKE UP.