Leggo my space, msn! geez, finally.

agh, hump day, the weekend is nearing. I’m anticipating it and am a little
nervous about it at the same time. I’m finally getting a chance to meet
‘girlie’. We’ve ‘met’ on 2 occasions before, actually, however, one was a wedding when I
was still dating ‘snuffleupagus’, and another was a funeral. Suffice it to say
I haven’t even formed a first impression yet. She’s an attractive, blonde,
single mommy. The situation is kind of a setup by lady di and bender – who seem to think we
have a lot in common.

I’m trying to keep cool about it, honestly. I’ve gotten some good head clearing
advice but I’m still queasy. I’m trying to fight off a cold that I hope will
seriously fuck off by weekend. Also, like once a year, I seem to be really
sensitive to shaving and get bad ingrown hairs. That seems to be this week.
MEH! Trying to make a good first impression here, damnit! Go away!

This leaves me to the topic of personality. Remember the good old adage – “be
yourself”? But what self is that? I’m certainly not one dimensional. I’d say
generally I am quiet and shy fellow, and only comment when I feel it’s due, or when
I’ve worked out the correct words. but those that know me, and even those
spacers that I’ve dropped comments with, have experienced that I can also be
absolutely ridiculous, outrageous, funny, spontaneous, witty, and do the unexpected.(
I’m liking building my ego, haha, but I’ll stop there).

Those are some attractive traits, and I would argue on first meeting they are
probably the deal makers – they generate interest – they make the girl say – “This
guy is crazy! I have to find out more”. Unfortunately, the responsibility and
careful side I have is probably best suited for long term relationship

Anyways, what if it turns out I’m feeling quiet this weekend? WHAT HAPPENS
THEN? What if I’m not feeling ridiculous and outrageous? Will any of that
‘non-boring’ personality stuff bleed through? Gotta relax I guess. Whatever
will be, will be.

Oh yeah, that
fucker stacey
gave one of my comments big props. She’s crazy, and she has
good taste in music. Go check her out, fuckers.