ohboy. that was a rough one. friday I was up until 5am drinking and ‘mellowing’ with the hepp cat. i got pretty wasted..not sure what was all said, hehe.

then saturday night…i re-affirmed something about myself..that being I am a really free spirit. and the thing is, it doesn’t take much alcohol for this guy to go streaking. I go all out when I’m havin’ fun. i think pictures were taken of my pasty ass, too. maybe I’ll get them and post ’em. being as I was nude and in proper lighting, i can see the farmer tan coming out big time. i’m gonna fake bake for a while this week I think and get everything all nice and even.

ugh, the gym..it’s true what the comedians say..the men’s locker room is horrible. just full of old men wandering around nude. not only that, but they want to come up to you and just ‘chat’.  i have no need to discuss the waterfall levels in saskatoon with a nude wrinkly man..scary..

and finally, going much furthur into the too much information category..i had an itch this week that I couldn’t scratch. pure carnal animalistic kinda thoughts. ever go through a period of time like that? I’m actually glad i’m not dating anyone at the moment..she’da been walking funny this week..

i’m off for a nap..this weekend was not one of relaxation and restfulness.